My heartbeat’s name

Beauteous morning and bounteous night, they both entice my eyes so deeply and enrich my senses so diversely, and distract my living so deeply and attract my writing so diversely. But which one makes my writing mine?!

I asked this this to this ever youthful morning- and it whispers “beauty will save the world”. And I ask the night- it sighs, it’s in the depth of night that everything else gets their true measure: beauty beauty’s, morning morning’s, world world’s, life life’s. You yours.

And I said to myself:

I was born at night!

& I’ll leave the world at night

& Night my heartbeat’s name is

Night, Call me night, please!


6:57 am


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author, poet, photographer, artist, data analyst, linguist… ………and last but not least ……… .… a failed priest…….