October 24


My every October waking has been a new search, I know not for exactly what, or what the search terms are, or what the results may look like.

And my every day is a constant effort to reopening myself to new avenues of life of thought of never returning; to new possibilities, probabilities, creations, or perhaps the inverse: my way of making life more adventurous.

And boy, adventure tastes great! I find it so soul-empowering; it encourages acceptance, & enlivens living like nothing else. More & more, I’m realising that ‘acceptance’ is like a nuclear power for the mind. Taking things as they unfolds an ocean of energy, an outburst of true happiness, an odyssey of life!

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash




author, poet, photographer, artist, data analyst, linguist… ………and last but not least ……… .… a failed priest…….