Thought café

“To be great is to be misunderstood.”

- R. W. Emerson

Self aware: The morning rises veiled in clouds that travel my sky from someone else’s mind. Of this I’m aware. But what’s going to happen to the clouds? Are my grasses green enough not to abuse any unchartered rainfall? Of this I’m not aware.

Self-accomplished: I completed another night on earth, and slept without mother’s palm softening my forehead, caressing my rugged hair. But mother is still there somewhere, waiting to see me fall asleep in her bosom. I now an accomplished sleeper.

Unperturbed: Yesterday, many children cried for the world; many for food and many for shelter. Today, they’ll cry again, of hunger, of disease, of life, of earth. Parents will mourn, for a few days, but world will not mourn, history will not mourn; God will not mourn. I’ll not mourn, of the child that I become, the unperturbed child i become.

Misunderstood: and when I’ll have achieved all these three by this day’s end, my favorite evening-snack will be a half-full half-empty misunderstood coffee, tasting like nothing else by a spiral of unchartered thoughts.

Good day little earth!





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