to my sweetheart…

1 min readFeb 14, 2021


♥️♥️♥️ sweetheart…

shall i be just one more earthling, for you,

or a sacred garden full of smiling trees

swaying their branches in a fresh rural breeze

as if to caresses your flowery cheeks from far…

shall I be a place in a secret corner of your heart

where no worries of the world will reach you ever,

a place where you will come to bath in peace

when the world becomes too unbearable for you,

and some love perhaps, with little affection and warmth

when life gets too hard on you…

shall I be just another earthling, or a shoulder

where you can rest your tired life,

where no noise of the world will flutter your soul

and no fear will cloud your calm eyes.

i am that place, where you ever wanted to be

will all your heart and soul,

and be yourself, far from the fear

of not being loved ever again.

I am that land where you will find the light and water

to sow your unused seeds of joy and happiness,

to become the sweetest heart on earth,

where you will come every year

with the most wonderful eyes

and whisper to the trees: Happy St Valentines'!

on this day, every year

for endless years… ♥️♥️♥️




author, poet, photographer, artist, data analyst, linguist… ………and last but not least ……… .… a failed priest…….